Under the expression of machine building we mean the full construction plan making, producing all the items, assembling altogether with electrical wiring, corresponding software programming and all this combining with a test phase. With theese processes our costumer will recive a “ready-to-use” and fully adequate to the task costruction. Our machines installed with the following properties (some of them only on request):

  • Dual-line safety circuit
  • Digital or printed documents,  (service parts, electric/pneumatic/hidraulic wiring diagram and users manual)
  • Our machines is automatically controller by Omron or Mitsubishi or Panasonic PLC
  • Our products can be connected to another production line, external peripherals and high ranked PC control systems
  • On demand we can develop to our system with an external PC remote controller 
  • Our PC sotwares are written in C# with a user friendly windows environment
  • All of the machine process information can be exported to a database (XLS)

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